Saturday, October 17, 2015

Boomer photos turn into Boomer art

What do Boomers do with their photos after a trip?   How about art projects?
How do hobby photographers see their photos again if they don't make albums?  Individual photos placed on walls... one trip and you run out of space....  Rather than making scrapbooks, why not do real art?
The Flagler Art and Technology district FAT Village, has a remarkable center that nurtures Boomer creativity.

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After some contemplation, look at what happens (thanks to the guidance of art teacher Natty Loth)

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Natty's method is 
1.  She asks, "What do you love?"
2.  She asks you to bring in photos about what you love.

I love maps and travel.  Look at what I created... 

Stage 1  Before the splate
STAGE 2:  You should have seen the TV set behind my easel.  they moved the easel so I wouldn't hit people around me....The TV set is on the wall and I hit that!
They are very good natured at the FAT Center of art.

You can remove acryllic only in the first hour.  After it dries, it becomes an impervious surface. ... it's like polyurethane.
you have to softly touch the slpot so it downst rise up too far
I changed the roughness of the surface with the splats
after I made sure the bubbles are reasonabley 3 D but not too high,
I then let the whole thing dry and I put a colored wash to put over
the whoel thing.

Stage 3:  I created a purple wash
Natty was so important.   You'd think blue and red makes purple
They don't on certain types of paint.
She knew instantly that I should use pink and blue to make pale purple.

Why not joint the fun at FAT Village Art Center?  Here's the website
Here's the phone number    (954) 716-7611
See more at Natty's Facebook page

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